Welcome to our Blog

We met in elementary school in Alexandria, Virginia some 55 years ago.  Both of us married, had children, and although we lived out our lives in different places, Vic in Florida and Alex in Tennessee, we kept in touch all these years.  Alex is a College Professor and Vic is in Real Estate with his son Jon.  Both of us had heart problems at the same time.  Both of us experienced different cancers, both on Chemo at the same time, Vic had a triple bypass in 2006 and the following year Alex had stints placed in his heart arteries.  This blog will eventually reflect our experiences, differing views, our politics, but mostly posting opinions we agree or disagree with.  The reader is welcomed to join in by leaving a comment and if you want to post your own views send it to our email address for consideration.

By the way . . . both of us love cats!