Global Brotherhood

Unless there is a problem with the plumbing, death removes us from our present state into another just as quickly and as easily as flushing the toilet after a successful bowel movement.  And, while the imagery may seem unpleasant and vulgar to some, it is nonetheless accurate.

What have we left behind?
  • Monies for the family, friends, and our favorite charities?
  • Buildings or books on which our name appears?
  • Records and reputations that will one day be replaced?

Death is not just an American tradition; it is part of everyone’s life all over the world.  And, everyone dies eventually no matter who they are or what they did and will only be remembered briefly at best until something new and shiny catches our attention.
Why, I wonder, is death a subject few ever want to discuss?  Yet, most of us strive for immortality in some way or another in the hopes, I guess, it justifies or rationalizes our brief existence on earth.

Males and females all over the world are basically the same:
Similar attributes
Similar appendages
Similar bodies

Yet, because of physical location of birth and languages, we have seemingly distinct differences that open the doors to hate and violence of our brothers and sisters, because:
  • Some are taller or shorter
  • Some are lighter or darker
  • Some have different faiths and beliefs
And yet, regardless of our intentions and our choices, we all share the same characteristics:

We are Born,

         We eat,

                   We breed,

                               We work,

                                           We live,

                                                     and we die . . .

From a terribly naïve perspective it bothers me to see and wonder why:
  • Arabs hate and kill other Arabs
  • The Chinese hate and kill other Orientals
  • Americans hate and kill the American Indians

Is it really silly and stupid to think that all inhabitants of the world can live and work in mutual respect and harmony?  And, if not why not?  We all die eventually and our memory, among our survivors, will only last as long as it takes for that memory to be replaced by another memory.  And, this is true for everyone.
So, ask yourself these question:
  • Why is it so important for us to kill each other?
  • Why is it so important for us to own and control each other?
  • Why is it not just as important for us to get along?

What can I do?

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