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Is Easter Pagan?                                 
by Alex Hutchins

Christian is a word used to describe those who are followers and believe in Jesus.  The word comes from the Greek word, “Christos,” and dates back to a period of time before Christ to describe a Greek Cult.  Over the years the word has become to describe “followers of Christ” but that is not really the point of Biblical scriptures; on the contrary, Jesus wanted disciples and the apostle Paul wanted people who were Christ-like.  There is a difference between being Christ-like and just being a follower.

Easter cannot be found in the Bible

If one is a Bible Christian, then one worships on that which is found in the Holy Scriptures since God demands that worship be conducted as He commanded and does not tolerate changes in His format or protocols.

Easter can be found in Pagan celebrations

Pagan were captivated by and praised animal and human fertility, reproduction, and sexual rites of passage.  Goddesses of love were worshipped with parties of immorality.

Meaning of Easter

The word is derived from “Eostre” and is the name given to the goddess of dawn, a pagan festival that was celebrated each spring, actually denoting the first day of spring.

Date of Easter

Is it merely coincidental that the dates of the Jewish “Passover” and the “sexual rites of spring” are at the same time?  And, if that is so, then why has a sunrise service been added to the Christian celebration?


More importantly than the above date, why is the Easter Bunny linked to a Christian celebration or the Jewish “Passover?”  And, why a basket of eggs when rabbits do not lay eggs?  Is not the “egg” a symbol of fertility which links it more to the Pagans than to the Christians.

How curious we Christians have become . . .

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