Playing Grab Ass All Day
By Victor M Adamus

As we start the week probing TSA there can’t be a better article than the one published in PLAYBOY by Jennifer Abel.  TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration and is housed under Homeland Security and is secretly immune to lawsuits.  Sounds almost like the Nazi SS.  But they have a reputation of changing the rules at airports throughout the U.S. and sadly, with total disregard to the Fourth Amendment get away with patting down 93 year old ladies, models, homemakers, and children.  Even Miss USA:

Perhaps among the most dramatic expressions of concern came from Miss USA Susie Castillo, who was reduced to tears by federal agents assuring themselves that she is not a terrorist bent on homicide.

In a commentary at the Tenth Amendment Center by Connor Boyack with Brian Roberts and Michael Boldin, the organization said, “It was … at the Dallas, Texas, airport where former Miss USA Susie Castillo tearfully produced a viral video describing the molestation she had just endured at the hands of a TSA agent.

“I mean, she actually… touched my vagina,” Castillo said through her tears. “They’re making me… choose to either get molested… or go through this machine that’s completely unhealthy and dangerous. I don’t want to go through it, and here I am crying.”

“Spread your legs,” Abel writes, “raise your hands and remain silent, still and perfectly respectful while the dom, wearing a TSA uniform in lieu of traditional black leather, reaches up between your thighs to braille out whatever is there.”

They do this to kids too, though people who touch their own offsprings like this are called pedophiles.  If you want to avoid the groping, you can volunteer for nude photos.  Just stand in the box, hold your hands up high, while the radiation machine shoots cancerous rays at your body exposing everything under your clothes letting all the TSA inspectors see you naked.
This is flying the friendly skies in 2012.  But it’s been going on for 8 years.  People are weary since the TSA hasn’t caughta terrorist yet but they’ve seen a lot of ass.  Can this really be National Security?  Is it in the best interest of our fellow Americans?

The TSA says, “if you don’t like it, don’t fly”.  But the TSA has managed to contract the same invasive search patterns with interstate bus companies; trains; and subways.  What they really mean is if you don’t like it stay home.

And as for the employees, Abel sums it up this way, “to hell with the claim that TSA agents are just poor working-class folks doing their jobs, underserving of the scorn heaped on them.  You needn’t be wealthy or well educated to know—and respect—the difference between securing transportation and playing grab ass all day”.

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