He Lost Control of His Caucus
By Victor Adamus


Yes, he’s crying again.  The Speaker of the House, head of the do nothing Congress, got handed a bill to keep student loans at a low rate and with it the Senate included a way to offset the increase due by closing oil loopholes.  He’s crying because he knows all his minion follow the word of Grover Norquist, the toady man who tells the House Republicans how to vote.  When he realized the bill would fail he was humbled and confused.  He had to go before the American voter and tell them Democrats were creating a phony War on Women.  Then he introduced the House version of the student rate bill which has the Health Trust paying for the difference in the increase, meaning thousands of women would be denied cancer screening.  And he still says there is no War on Women.

He’s crying because he knows this is the last 7 months he’ll be Speaker of the House.  Women hold more votes in all the states and have given up on Republicans who haven’t served them in their Districts.  They refuse to turn the clock back on gains they’ve won and live in a 17th Century America.  It means getting rid of the Republicans at the State level and getting rid of Republicans at the federal level.  Clean House!

Women will refuse to become second class citizens again.  For that reason, we see women’s groups on talk shows daily, in the morning news and on in depth news shows like Dateline.

President Barack Obama has already released a statement from the White House that the Bill is unacceptable and he will veto the measure if it hits his desk as written by House members.  The deadline for student rates increasing is July 1, 2012.  So there’s not much time to get it right.

Why is House Speaker John Boehner crying?  Because he’s stuck with balancing low student rates on loans with saving human lives.  With that type of scenario, I’d cry too.

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terry said...

He's also crying because he's a drunk! Buh bye Boner!