Through whose eyes?

by Alex Hutchins

 Through whose eyes do you see the day?

Through whose eyes do you see your future?

Through whose eyes do you see the rest of the world?

Almost poetic these words sound to me as they have brought both joy and disappointment to my life, as I am sure they have brought to yours as well.  For me, these eyes betrayed me in the 3rd year of my schooling.  That year was a traumatic year for me as my little brother was born, I contracted hepatitis from my sister, and a blond girl with blue eyes told me in the cloak room as I tried to kiss her that I looked like a monkey.  It was through her eyes that I was the most devastated even through my sickness caused me to have to repeat the grade.  It was through her eyes, that my self-esteem was forged and my hardened feelings guided and directed my interactions with females many years thereafter – a total I am too embarrassed to share.

We all,
  • regardless of wealth and position
  • regardless of education or experience
  • regardless of color or language
see the world through the eyes of someone in our lifetime who impacted our mental outlook directly.

That is not to say we no longer see the world through our own eyes because we do; but, those eyes are tinted and tainted with biases and preconceived ideas, not all of which are bad, mind you, but all of which have a propensity to influence; some more dramatically than others.
Yet, most of us are oblivious to this hidden influence in our lives and spend most, if not all, of our lives never realizes that our actions and deeds have been greatly influenced because of it.

And, therein lies the tragedy with this story, our lack of perception regarding introspection.  A Shakespearian tragedy of epic proportions, indeed my Lady and my Liege. 

Sadly, this influence could direct us on a path of negativity for the rest of our lives, never seeing the beauty of the positive side of life; also, bringing down those who would be friends with us and of course, our families.

Through whose eyes, I wonder?

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