Surprise!  Surprise!
By Victor M Adamus

Obviously the President has not been diagnosed with cancer.  We hope he never will be.  But for those of us who counted on his promise to support Medical Marijuana, research shows that Obama has been more hostile to medical marijuana users than any President in U.S. History.  This flies in the face of a poll that shows nationwide 77% of voters want medical marijuana legalized.  That’s quite a voting block.

Campaign talking heads for the re-election committee say “get over it” but those of us with cancer can’t.  It makes a difference in our quality of what life we have left.  So it was important to cancer groups that the President carve out cancer patients and introduce a health bill allowing cancer sufferers and their doctor to access drugs that would make it easier for them to survive. 

Five Presidents have supported marijuana research.  Jimmy Carter allowed patients to apply for a waiver to use medical marijuana legally under federal law.  MS patients, in dire need of the weed, were successful in the majority of states to use weed as a daily drug.  Marijuana is successful in treating returning Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Medical marijuana is more popular than the President is.  He told ABC News “we’re not going to legalize pot anytime soon”.  Yet a more recent poll reports 81% of Americans support legalizing marijuana.  This promises again to become a campaign issue.  It’s as important as stem cell research.

So what if the President was stricken with cancer?  Do you think it would make a difference?  No doubt he would gain access to whatever he needed to survive.  But that’s not my point.  He promised when he ran in 2008 to support State Rights on the issues of medical marijuana.  His Administration has reversed that and is attacking small businesses in states that have legalized dispensing the weed to cancer victims.  I’m wondering now if this President is standing to the right of Ron Paul.

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