An Uneducated Public

I think it is remarkable and ironically funny (or sad) how an educated public and educators in general are blissfully aware that history repeats itself while living their lives and influencing the rest of us that there is nothing about which to be alarmed and that we should continue our lives and pursue our futures as if there should be no doubt in our minds or in our subconscious  that our fantasies will, in fact, become reality.

What is intelligence? (another word for educated)

There is emotional intelligence that comes about when one is in-tune or in-sync with one’s emotions and then can exploit that knowledge of self to one’s advantage.

There is book intelligence (or knowledge) that comes about when one is gifted with the ability to learn easily and quickly from the material that is found in books written by experts in a particular field.

There is common sense (or intelligence) that is present when one is gifted with the ability to see, interpret, and manipulate the world as it really is (not as it appears to be) to one’s advantage.

There is experienced intelligence that comes about with age and after one has experienced many good and bad outcomes that one can predict the outcome of an event with a high degree of probability.

If you do not fall into one of these four categories then perhaps your life is exactly the way it needs to be and you have the unique ability to live life day-by-day regardless of whether or not It is enjoyable.

For the most part, we, as charter members of the human race, depend upon our LEADERS to provide us with guidance and direction.  Unfortunately, global leaders throughout history, have been self-serving at best with only one universal trait in common:  to be the last man standing.

However, in ALL MYTHOLOGIES throughout the world, there is another universal belief that always trumps our self-serving attitudes and that is the fact that we, the human race, has a CREATOR.  And, coupled with this Creator concept is another absolute truth and that is that we all must die, leaving the Creator as the only true last man standing.

I have no idea how you want to live your life here on earth and while I do care because it impacts how I live my life, the truth of the matter is that I would prefer to be educated than uneducated.


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