Born American, Died Black

Trayvon Martin (left), George Zimmerman (right)

By now, most everyone has heard of the senseless killing of a boy, Trayvon Martin, by a man, George Zimmerman, and the subsequent trial in Florida where a jury of 6 females found George Zimmerman not guilty of the charges of which he was accused, because of the "stand your ground" law on the Florida legal books; although, all the jurists did make the claim that they struggled with their deliberations to the point of tears.  And, while this writer does not deny this took place in their hearts and minds, it seems rather pointless to admit unless they are trying to absolve their guilty feelings, and if they are, that too seems equally pointless since they rendered a verdict that they thought was correct given these unique sets of circumstances.

But, these comments are not about the jury, the killing, the trial, the law, or the right to bear arms Constitutional amendment...  no, not at all; it is about the polarization of Americans that took place in the aftermath of the trial's conclusion.

This writer expects (unfortunately) assholes to exist in our 2 major political parties, but not among the rank and file of middle class Americans.  I seriously thought we were beyond all of that.

The African American community thinks and communicates that this trial is another perfect example of "white" American justice; while, the rest of us (whites, Hispanics, and other) believe that justice, according to the letter of the law (but perhaps not the spirit) was ultimately served.

As an aside and with sincere respect to all cultures, I, for the life of me, do not understand why we have to insert adjectives in front of American, to create a unique and distinct sub group

This, to me, creates a separation that could influence and perpetuate discrimination.  But again, this is only my opinion.  And, if we were to extrapolate a little I could eventually see Asian Americans who are not just Southern Asian Americans and not just Georgia Asian Americans but Northern Georgia Asian Americans...  so, I am sure you can see where I am going with this.

We are all Americans,
regardless from where
our ancestors originated and
regardless of the culture
that forms the
foundation of who we are... 
so I thought.

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