Just Another Day

If we want Congress to start thinking about we the people then we must stop campaign contributions from businesses (or cap them) and we must stop lobbyists from influence peddling.

If we want to preserve the Middle Class, then we must remove the burden their burden of taxes and require the wealthy to pick up the slack.

If we want the rest of the world to have their economies subordinate to the USA then we must redirect the countries efforts in that direction through behavior modification techniques with appropriate reinforcements.

If we want to provide healthcare for all Americans then we must provide a financial incentive for them to do that and require all advertising to reflect that direction as well.

If we want to reduce poverty in the US then we must provide opportunities (partnerships) to those people in poverty to extricate themselves from poverty rather then expect them to do it themselves.

If we expect to win the war on drugs then we must exercise our military muscle in those countries that tolerate or cannot not handle the drug lords and simply eliminate them like our efforts towards terrorism.

If we want different results in our high schools then we must adopt the European program where in 7th grade, students pursue a college path or a technical path or a drop out path and concentrate teacher's efforts on those students who are serious about going to college or serious about pursuing a technical path or simply write-off those students who want to drop out.

If we want to protect our economy in both the short run (12 months) and in the long run (3-5 years) and into the forecasted future (5-10 years plus) then the Government should adopt a policy of no bailouts.

If we want to protect American jobs, then we should adopt a policy whereby it is illegal for American companies to open plants or divisions or facilities outside the continental US.

If we want the rest of the world to stop getting educated in this country and using their knowledge against us when they graduate and move back to their countries, then we should make it illegal for foreign students to receive American education unless they agree to work in this country for 20 years.

If we want to strengthen American products then we should pass a law making it illegal to have a trade deficit.

The more we want life in the US to change, the more it actually stays the same.  SOS, just another day...

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