Double Standards

From 1977 until 1985 (8 full years to be exact) I held the position of Executive Director of a local Arts Council that covered several counties in North Carolina and we promoted music, dance, drama, theater, symphony, writers and photographers clubs, historical society, outdoor drama, local crafts people (potters, weavers, jewelry, painters, print makers, wood carvers), community band and had month long art exhibits in our galleries as well as operated a for profit craft shop and a for profit magazine about the Arts that generated revenues with advertising but the printing costs had been donated to the parent 501 C (3).

We had a united fund drive that generated about 1 million dollars annual that was distributed to all our member organizations. And, once a year in the Spring we had a 3 day Arts & Crafts Street Festival where we closed off the streets a block in each of of the directions from the Court House with stages of entertainment operating around the clock from noon until midnight.

It was an exhilarating 8 years for me working 60 hours a week while pursuing my MBA full time and I am glad it is behind me but I would most definitely do it again. And, while art was hobby of mine, I never consider going professional and never saw myself at the professional level but I did know a lot about art.

What always amazed me back then and it is still the attitude of today that displaying painted art work, or photography or sculptures of frontal and rear nudity was completely acceptable because it was done by one of “the masters” but if it were done by someone local and not considered an artist, it was then perceived as porn and completely not acceptable because it was too suggestive for our young people and those who were supposedly religious.

It has always been my experience that the more religious one appears to be there more they have no doubt fallen from grace in their lives or they are currently involved in something and projecting their guilt onto others. And, they all seem to eventually get caught.

I posted a photograph a few months ago of a boy reaching out and squeezing the butt of a bikini clad girl and got chastised for posting such a lewd image but since that time I have seen paintings of frontal nudity being posted on here that show the pubic hair between the female's legs.

So, I am trying to figure out in my mind and come to term with the difference between the two. I suppose if I complained to the authorities that the poster might get an email but I really don't have a problem with any of it and it would appear that people on here have a right to post whatever it is that they want... and, if the viewer does not like it or appreciate it, then don't look...

But, then there is the argument that this is a business network social media site and those kinds of lewd posting are inappropriate; well, would not that apply to all posting of a similar nature?

And, if it does not apply to all, then are we operating under a set of double standards here?

And, if we have a problem with some of the postings then why don't we have a problem with some of the profiles that talk about escort services or bondage services or erotic massage services or adult entertainment services... of course, they could and should be considered businesses because after all they are providing a service for money.

Then, you have the scam artists on here who want to bring you into a business deal where they will split 165 million with you and they are doing this because your profile has been reviewed and it is apparent that you are trust worthy.

Well, let me tell you something right now... there is nothing on my profile that would create any kind of impression that I am trust worthy and I know it because I wrote it.

So, if I wanted to sell my services as a PIMP but I did so in a way that actually concealed the word PIMP but it was obvious as to what I was offering for money that this would be allowed and not be offensive to anyone.

As I reflect on what I just wrote that actually might be a good way to supplement my social security income but we must always deal with cash so there is no record of money transactions for the IRS. And, with this said, there is no doubt an IRS profile on here, again concealed, trying to entrap innocent mature males whose wive are away for the weekend... Just kidding folks...

According to my online dictionary source, double standard has the following meaning:
any code or set of principles containing different provisions for one group of people than for another, especially an unwritten code of sexual behavior permitting men more freedom than women.

Wikipedia which is not an accepted resource citation in college says:
A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for similar situations. A double standard may take the form of an instance in which certain concepts (often, for example, a word, phrase, social norm, or rule) are perceived as acceptable to be applied by one group of people, but are considered unacceptable—taboo—when applied by another group.
The concept of a double standard has long been applied (as early as 1872) to the fact that different moral structures are often applied to men and women in society.
A double standard can therefore be described as a biased or morally unfair application of the principle that all are equal in their freedoms. Such double standards are seen as unjustified because they violate a basic maxim of modern legal jurisprudence: that all parties should stand equal before the law.
Double standards also violate the principle of justice known as impartiality, which is based on the assumption that the same standards should be applied to all people, without regard to subjective bias or favoritism based on social class, rank, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or other distinctions. A double standard violates this principle by holding different people accountable according to different standards.

This double standard issue is not a big deal for me but it is a curious one because it is tolerated by some while others want to complain because it is troublesome for them; and, like everything else in this world, the squeaky wheel always gets the grease.

And, believe me there was no pun intended.

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