Whites Here Only

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Plans by a neo-Nazi to turn two south-central Nebraska towns into all-white hamlets ran off the rails last week after residents joined forces to sabotage the effort.

Craig Cobb (above) had purchased property in the towns of Red Cloud and Inavale in a Webster County sheriff's sale in September and also inquired about property in two nearby north-central Kansas towns. 

He told The Kansas City Star that he planned to sell the property at deep discounts to young white couples.

The action was part of an effort called Pioneer Little Europe, a strategy to create communities where white nationalists live in close proximity to businesses that offer cultural facilities and services.

Under Nebraska law, the sales had to be confirmed by a judge before they became final. 

But last week, the foreclosure case was dismissed and the properties were turned back to persons with a legal interest in them when — with assistance from the community — they came up with the funds to pay the back taxes.

Residents in the communities were thrilled at the turn of events.

"We're done with him for the time being," said Red Cloud Mayor Gary Ratzlaff. "Now, we can step back and take a breath."

But Cobb is crying foul and calling for an investigation. He said the county was "corrupt" and discriminated against him because of his faith. 

Cobb is involved in The Creativity Movement, formerly known as World Church of the Creator, which promotes what it says is the inherent superiority of the white race.

"It looks as if they have paid off all the delinquent taxes in town rather than allow the Creativity Movement to buy property," Cobb told The Star on Friday in a phone call from his residence in Sherwood, N.D. "Our system is so far devolved now in terms of corruption. They do what they want, and the laws be damned."

Cobb filed an online complaint with the Nebraska attorney general's office, according to Cobb and news reports.      Read more:

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