Hump Day Art

Kyoogokoku-ji Temple. The Twelve Devas. Gatten (Sun Deva), Nitten (Sun Deva), Fûten (Wind Deva), Suiten (Water Deva), Rasetsuten, Enmaten, Katen (Fire Deva), nTaishakuten, Ishanaten, Bishamonten (top to bottom). 1127.

The Twelve Devas are the gods of the twelve directions in Esoteric Buddhism, including the four quarters and four semi-quarters, up and down, and the sun and moon, and are the guardians of Esoteric Buddhist monasteries. 

These scrolls were formerly owned by Kyoogokoku-ji (To-ji) Temple and, along with the images of the Five Vidya-Rajas (Godaisonzo), were used in the annual, Mishio New Year’s ceremony of esoteric prayers, held at Shingon-in in the Imperial Palace.

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