Hump Day Art

Hayv Kahraman was born in Baghdad, Iraq 1981. Recent solo exhibitions include "How Iraqi are you?" Jack Shainman, Nyc ; "Collective Performance", Nelson-Atkins museum of art, Kansas City and Duke University, Durham ; "Let the guest be the Master", Jack Shainman, Nyc ; "Extimacy", The third line gallery, Dubai ; "Pins and Needles", The third line gallery, Dubai ; "Waraq", Frey Norris, San Francisco ; "Seven gates", Green Cardamom, London. Recent group exhibitions include: "Between the Pessimism of the Intellect and the Optimism of the Will", Thessaloniki Biennale, Greece ; "June a painting show", Sadie Coles, London ; "Neighbors – Contemporary Narratives from Turkey and Beyond", Istanbul museum of modern art ; "Echoes, Islamic art and contemporary artists", Nelson-Atkins museum of Art ; "Arab Contemporary, Architecture, culture and identity", Louisiana museum of modern art, Denmark ; "The Jameel tour", San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio ; Cantor Art Center, Stanford ; The Victoria and Albert museum, London ; Institute de Monde Arabe, Paris ; Casa Arabe, Madrid ; "Fertile Crescent", Paul Robeson center for the Arts, Princeton ; "Newtopia the state of human rights", Kazerne Dossin Museum, Mechelen ; "Disquieting muses", Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Greece (2011) ; "Of women’s modesty and anger", Villa Empain center for the arts, Brussels (2011) ; "Taswir", Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin Germany (2010) ; "Unveiled: New art from the middle east", Saatchi gallery, London (2009) ; Hayv was shortlisted for the 2011 Jameel Prize at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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