Freedom, Rights, and Equality

Los Angeles (AP) — Los Angeles County prosecutors have charged a man who shot and killed his son with premeditated murder, alleging that he committed the crime because his son was gay.

Shehada Issa, 69, said he shot his son in self-defense after he discovered his wife's dead body in their house.

The district attorney's office said Friday that Issa had allegedly threatened to kill his 29-year-old son, Amir, in the past because he was gay.

"The murder was committed because of the victim's sexual orientation and because of the defendant's perception of that status and the victims' association with a person and a group of that status," prosecutors said in a statement.

I had to read this twice or maybe more times this morning because I just could not believe what I was reading, nor did I think something as idiotically stupid as this could ever happen in this country... but, I was wrong... it can and does all the time...


One would expect that to happen in Russia or China or Korea or several of the countries in the Middle East, possible Africa and South America too, but not here in the US of A.

And, parents killing children no less... how crazy is that... I mean we as parents or as children oftentimes disagree with the other party but never to the point of killing them. Why would we allow someone who had that kind of a mental outlook to get married in the first place? Are we not (as a mature and responsible people and government) supposed to protect all our citizens? And yet, something like this happens right here in our own backyard.

AMERICANS both white and black and in between do not like people (male or female) who are different than their expectations or the norm... yet, we consider ourselves a group of people who honor freedoms, civil and human rights, and equality. It appears that the writing is on the wall and our own Native Americans were right when they said: “White man speaks with forked tongue(s).”

Many of us laugh at a statement like that and blow it off saying it may have pertained to some once upon a time but not to everybody and it certainly does not apply to any of us now... BUT, that would be wrong and incorrect!!!

LGBT is something we tolerate and not because we want to but because the law(s) say that we have to and in some States we are passing laws so that we do not have to respect their lifestyles... yet, we want their votes during an election and we want their taxes to help pay for all our entitlements, and we take their money when they buy tickets at sporting events or musical concerts... but, hell no we don't want them to eat in our restaurants or live next door to us, and God forbid if they are one of our children, or a relative, or a spouse.

Those AMERICANS are no better and worth no more than the cost of whatever it would take to blow all their asses to hell... if, in fact, hell really exists. And, it is not just Americans but all people all over our entire frigging world, who perceive for one reason or another that they are better than someone else and for whatever reason... we all are born and we all die the same.

What I think is rather ironical, is that I have talked with several people who are either on active duty in the military or in the military reserves and have been sent over to the Middle East to fight for Democracy and Freedom and they are completely aware of why they are there and why they are killing the enemy (and I only talk to those who have killed for the USA) and they tell me when they return home that they are leaving the military because of the LGBT policies even though they fought beside them over there.

They also tell me if they were in a hiring position that they would never hire any of them, nor would they ever want to work around them... that is, once they knew that they were in the LGBT group. But, as long as they did not know, I guess it would be ok with them... even though, I intentionally never asked them that question.

Are we any different from those Islamic Terrorists who want to kill Christians because they are Christians?

I realize that having a Democracy which provides all the freedoms that our Democracy provides means that no everyone is going to think like everyone else, and that it is also part of their freedoms to voice their opinions about those who are not like them.

But, FREEDOM does not give us the right to not accept someone for whatever reason does it? OR, maybe that is the real issue here because we think that Freedom does provide us with that right.

Whatever is going on in this country of ours, it is fundamentally changing and forever changing our country as it once was... and, it is not just our attitudes that are changing, but our values, morals, ethics, economics, education, business practices, and availability of jobs.

  • as some move out, others move in...
  • as high paying jobs move out, low paying jobs move in...
  • as the wealthy get wealthier the poor get poorer...
  • as we fight other country's wars, those countries not fighting get stronger...
  • as we become more internally divided, it becomes easier to penetrate our boarders...

Don't cha think its rather humorous that many of our leaders do not see this happening and even more funny that our mainstream media does not see this either? Or, maybe they do and just do not want us to know it yet.

Whatever the case may or may not be, the LGBT movement has changed this country and my question to you is: Is it for the better or for the worse?

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