Largest on Record

A huge python found on a construction site in Malaysia could take the record for the longest snake ever to be caught with initial estimates at eight meters.

The reticulated python – a species found in south-east Asia and widely considered as the longest reptile species – was spotted where a flyover was being built in Paya Terubong, a district on the island and tourist haven of Penang.

Herme Herisyam from Malaysia’s civil defence force, the department that caught the snake, told the Guardian that workers from the construction site called the emergency services on Thursday and authorities took 30 minutes to trap the snake.

“It is eight metres in length and weighs about 250kg,” he said by phone.

The Guinness Book of World Records gives the honor of longest snake ever in captivity to Medusa, also a reticulated python, who lives in Missouri, US. She was measured at 7.67 meters in the 2011 edition and still holds the title.

The longest snake - ever (captivity) is Medusa, a reticulated python (python reticulatus), and is owned by Full Moon Productions Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. When measured on 12 October 2011, she was found to be 7.67 m (25 ft 2 in) long. Medusa also holds the current 'Longest Snake - Living (captivity)' title. 
In Kansas City, Missouri, USA, those who look directly at Medusa may not do that – but they certainly come to a stone cold stop.

That’s because the Medusa you find at the city’s Full Moon Productions isn’t some mythological figure of yore. It’s the longest snake ever in captivity.

She is said to weigh 158.8 kg, over 90 kg lighter than the Malaysian specimen.

Medusa, who is kept on show at “The Edge of Hell Haunted House” in Kansas City, could now lose her title. That python’s length would have to be first verified by the Guinness World Records body.

According to Medusa's handler and Edge of Hell's general 
manager, Larry Edgar, "We try to keep Medusa well-fed
and slightly out of reach as there have been instances 
with Reticulated Pythons where they've had to cut people 
out of them!  We never underestimate that she does 
always have the upper-hand."

During the Haunted House season, Medusa enters into 

a performance mentality; a state the owners call her
"stealth mode," in which the snake remains extremely 
 still as patrons pass by.

She has also been known to "purr" like a cat when 

content and "huff" or "hiss" if she's distressed 
or annoyed.

Medusa prefers that Larry assists with her shedding 

and if the python has any spots that prove tough to 
shed, she will nudge him for assistance.

Before Medusa took the title, the previous record holder for longest snake in captivity was Fluffy, a 7.3m python who died in 2010 at 18 years old.

Reticulated pythons, who have a grid pattern on their skin that gives them their name, are normally three to six meters long and can be found in water. 

Longer snakes could be living in the wild. In 1912, a python found and shot in Indonesia was reportedly 10 meters long.

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