Rogue Elephant

A rampaging elephant killed five members of a family including a nine-day old infant in a remote village in India's northeastern frontier, a local official said Tuesday.

The elephant trampled the family to death while they were asleep in their thatched hut in the early hours of Tuesday in Behali forest, some 256 kilometers (160 miles) from Assam state's capital Guwahati.

Both parents, their infant daughter and two other children died during the incident, while their three-year-old daughter survived the attack and was being treated at a hospital for minor injuries.

"The family was asleep when the elephant attacked their hut," Rajiv Chaudhary, a divisional forestry officer, told the media.

He said the elephant had apparently strayed from its herd when it charged the home. 

The animal reportedly left the area soon after the attack, according to the official.

Wildlife experts say encounters between humans and elephants are increasing in India's rural areas due to the destruction of the animals' habitat.

Last month a herd of wild elephants went on an hours-long rampage in neighboring West Bengal, killing five people and damaging vehicles and homes before being subdued with tranquilizer darts. 

There are 5 sacred animals in the culture of Hindu India: 
  • Cow: The cow is holiest animal in India and their slaughter is banned throughout India. Cow is one of the most worshiped animal in India, she treated as the gods in the shape of animal. 
  • Monkey: Monkey is believed as the form of God Hanuman or Bajrang Bali, the god of power and strength. Many Indian temple’s like Durga Temple Varanasi and famous Monkey Temple Galta, Jaipur is the home for thousand’s of monkey’s.
  • Snake: The worship of serpent deities is present in several old cultures, In the Hindu religion’s the Lord Shiva wear the Nag snake “Indian Cobra” as an ornament around his neck. Indian Cobra is the most sacred snake in India.
  • Elephant: The elephant is vehicle of Indra and “The elephant-headed God” Shri Ganesh, deity of success and education is worship by the Indian peoples. The elephant in India is part of Hindu ethos and culture. It was used as an instrument of war and also as a log carrier in the woods.
  • Tiger: The Royal Bengal Tiger “National Symbols of India” is one of the sacred animal in India. The National animal of India Tiger and Great Lion are the vehicle of Hindu deity “Maa Durga“. The Bengal tiger is Worshiped by the tribes and by the Sundervan people as well.

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