In September 2011, almost 5 years ago, my very close friend (Vic Adamus) and I decided to launch this blog as equal contributors, not knowing how long we would be willing to do this nor if it was going to be successful.  Vic, had his own very successful blog that had won numerous awards but the format of this blog would be uniquely different as it would be two guys talking, sharing views, and commenting on the views of each other...  in real time or as close to that as possible.

While we changed our overall format a couple of times, it is today, what we decided to finally use about 3 years ago which I continued to use after my friends death.  No longer is this blog our opinion, our thoughts, our ideas, but basically mine and what I think might be important or enjoyable for you, the reader, to read.  When Vic and I were doing this together, we were receiving about 120 hits a day and that figure has dropped down to about 90 hits per day.

The Format:
  • Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday >>  a morning and afternoon article separated by animation
  • Wednesday >>  a morning article with an afternoon focus on an artist and their art
  • Friday >>  a morning article with an afternoon focus on meditation or relaxation photos
  • Saturday >>  a total focus on cute animals
  • Sunday >>  a total focus on political/global cartoons
  • Special articles posted as special events take place
When I go on vacation, I post articles in advance that I perceive will not be covered a lot by the mainstream media to hold your attention until I return.  For example, beginning Wednesday of this week, I will be out-of-town for a variety of activities:  funeral, wedding, vacation and will not return until June 28, so all my posts from now until then have been completed and are scheduled in my absence.

However and while I enjoy maintaining this blog, I do not want to continue if it is not being appreciated by my readers or is not growing...   and, right now it appears to be stagnant.  Therefore, I am considering closing it down and will make that decision shortly after I return from my travels.  I am 68 years old and in relatively good health and certainly have the time to maintain this blog on a daily basis, but I also have other things to which I could devote my time and resources.

If you have any ideas as to how I can improve this blog and improve my daily hits, please let me know at:

Thank your for your patronage...

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