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Beijing blasts Pentagon report on Chinese military as damaging trust

China condemned the U.S. Defense Department's annual report on the Chinese military on Sunday, calling it deliberate distortion that has "severely damaged" mutual trust.

In its annual report to Congress on Chinese military activities, the U.S. Defense Department said on Friday that China is expected to add substantial military infrastructure, including communications and surveillance systems, to artificial islands in the South China Sea this year.

China's Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun expressed "strong dissatisfaction" and "firm opposition" to the Pentagon report and said it has "severely damaged mutual trust," state news agency Xinhua reported.     Read more:

The middle class is vanishing in America's cities

The middle class is vanishing in America's cities
The middle class in America's cities has shrunk dramatically in the 21st century.

A Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data looked at the state of the middle class in America's metropolitan areas. Pew defined "middle-income" households as those whose income fell between two-thirds and twice the national median household income, adjusted for household size and for the local cost of living in each metro area.       Read more:

Many Leaders in the Former Soviet Union Like Trump Because He’s One of Them

A lot of leaders in the West are appalled that Donald Trump, whom they see as a demagogue, bully and know-nothing, has a shot at becoming president of the United States.

Many countries in the former Soviet Union are pulling for the presumptive Republican candidate, however.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised him as a “brilliant and talented person.”

Putin likes him partly because Trump has said that he would get along with the Russian president and “with a lot of the world leaders that this country is not getting along with.”

“He says he wants to move on to a new, more substantial relationship, a deeper relationship with Russia,” Putin enthused. “How can we not welcome that?”      Read more:

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