Wedding Date Search

  1. One male date
  2. Must be willing to travel to Nova Scotia
  3. Pose as employer's boyfriend for a weekend in Cape Breton 
  4. Not mind being a wedding crasher

A unique job ad has gone up on Kijiji, viewed 27,000 times and climbing.

It's from a woman who says she is 30 years old, single and traveling home to Nova Scotia to attend her best friend's wedding. 

Problem is, she doesn't have a date and wants someone to pretend to be her boyfriend for the weekend.

The ad says the wedding is June 11 in Baddeck and the job involves attending the rehearsal the evening before.

There's no mention of payment for this interesting acting gig, but the gentleman who is successfully hired will be provided with accommodations and meals.

To help her make a choice, the woman asks applicants to send a photo of themselves enjoying a place they had travelled to. 

She also wants to know their drink of choice, whether they are afraid of mice and what they would do with only a month to live.

The job posting went up on Thursday and soon made the rounds on social media with people speculating who the mystery woman is.

CBC News has reached out to the poster of the online ad, but have not heard back.

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