Temporarily Closing Down

About 5 years ago, my lifelong friend (since the 3rd grade) and I decided to publish this blog on a daily basis, and while we had similar views, we also had different approaches to these views and we thought we could play that off against one another and generate readership appeal...   and, it worked fairly well, until my lifelong friend died of colon cancer...  and, without his opposing views, I simply turned Wondering into an avenue for news and other stuff that I personally found interesting or enlightening, and not necessarily what our readership had originally expected from both of us.

I looked for other partners and none could be acquired and because this blog only generates about 75 hits a day and after another couple of years of expecting that to increase and it has not, I have decided to temporarily close this blog, but not remove it completely, in case I decide to one day return.

I maintain, three other blogs on a daily basis or as best as I can, and I will focus on these blogs, drawing them all together on my poetry blog located at:  www.reflectionsinthoughts.blogspot.com should you ever wish to visit it.

I trust that you will understand and respect my decision...

There will be no more daily posting on this blog after July 31, 2016...

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