The Fall of Male

by Alex Hutchins

When I was growing up just outside of Alexandria, VA, I lifted weights everyday in my bedroom and got to the point where I was pretty strapping but not like some of these muscle builders who tear their muscles and build them bigger... I just wanted to strengthen and tone more than anything else while I was playing football, baseball, basketball, and track and field... so, it was perfect for me.

I was raised by a macho dad and a submissive mom so I too acquired both sides of the personality but had a dominate macho side serve me well throughout high school and college where I looked down on sissy males and submissive females, but never took advantage of either one of them sexually... I was always passive in that regard for which I am thankful.

The thoughts of making a female do something that she does not want to do or who may not realize what she is doing because she is drugged is, to me, a chicken shit way, of acquiring sex while offering solid evidence that the male in question is operating with a loss of ego,self-confidence, and probably self-esteem, otherwise there would be no reason to act that way towards a female.

And, while some males may think certain females are going to be simply better in bed than others, therefore they (males) have to get them there at all costs, is just plain stupid and an ignorant way of using one's intelligence, although, there are many males who actually fall into that category that consider themselves quite smart.

So, while males (like and unlike myself) are manipulating females for the purposes of having sex while they can, let me tell you, the reader, that this will not last long... and, it will not last long because males are going to wake up and change their personality... NO... it will not last long because society is changing and with that change will come the change in males.

We will always have the aggressive, ill-manered male with which to contend, it is just that their ranks, in the future, will become less and less... as, more and more “new age” males who are being taught to embrace both their female and males sides are beginning to emerge and grow. You might begin referring to these new males as bi-sexual, in that they enjoy having sex equally with both other males as well as well females... and, display no regrets in the process.

No only do we have bi-sexual males but we have bi-sexual females and we have bi-sexual couples, so our entire social, sexual society is changing. These new types of people will phase in as the macho male phases out... so, the process will oftentimes be rather slow or will seem rather slow to those of you who live in rural areas as opposed to those of you who live in urban areas.

Another changing aspect of our society with which males will have to contend is the fact that more and more and more females are going to be promoted to both management and leadership positions over the next 20-30 years perhaps even 50 years.


Well, the plain fact of the matter is that more and more and more females are graduating from Colleges and Universities while less and less and less of those graduates are males; therefore, the succession pools can only be filled with females as opposed to males. No doubt, this will change the complexities of the workplace environment in which males will find themselves in a dominate minority.

The simply truth of the matter is that more males will become supervised by females than will females become supervised by males... And, with that reversal, there will be less and less and less claims of sexual harrassment in the workplace, unless that sexual harrassment takes place between two females.

It's nothing personal guys, it is just the way it is right now... check out the data yourself.

During the tenure of our African Amerian President, the overall treatment of African Americans did not improve; in fact, if anything, it may have worsened. So, it is highly likely that if we were to elect a female to the office of President that something similar would also take place in this “male dominated” country of ours.

Therefore, the only real attempts at changing the workplace is coming to come from more females entering the workplace and moving into positions of management than their male counterparts... which is already taking place across the nation.

The fall of male has been set into motion.

Let me make it perfectly clear that my message here is not being underscored by what is happening to either Bill Cosby or Roger Ailes because they are part of the old establishment era of “pricks” in the workplace that fortunately is rapidly decreasing in numbers as they age out and die. Bill Cosby is getting what he deserves regardless of whether or not 50 females have made claims against him; but, Roger Ailes (while old) is a breed of males that is not just sexually harrassing females but who is also solely responsible for generating a “ton of money” for a business enterprise.

If Ailes is guilty of doing what has been claimed then he too should be punished but in reality, whether he did anything or not is irrelevent and his punishment will neither be swift nor deep, whereas those who made the accusations, will in time, and at the convenience of the business enterprise, suffer far worse a fate than money maker Roger Ailes.

Besides, Roger Ailes was born in 1940 and is 76 years old... and, just what could he have possibly accomplished by sexually harrassing females at that age? And, the question here is...

Did he simply make sexually suggestive comments or did he actually think he could have sexual intercourse with these reluctant females?

Of course, that distinction should not make any difference to the law nor the clear implementation of the law...

But, these again are the high profile reported cases... and, my guess is that this happens all the time and goes unreported because of company retribution, politics, and other factors where females want to keep their jobs long beyond the reported incident of sexual harrassment.

And, the fact that something like this is even happening in the first place, should show how incredibly evil these types of men are.

Whether these males want to admit it or not, their time in the workplace is over... the old male is being replaced by a different breed of male while at the same time, females (on average) are achieving more out of work than the males are achieving.

The sexually over-active and aggressive male is simply getting old and dying and there are no replacements on the horizon, which is really good news for females and for organisations who want to keep specific males on the payroll because they can generate tons of revenues.

Some scientists believe that there are only two types of men:

  1. Alpha” males are those at the top of the social status hierarchy. They have greater access to power, money, and mates, which they gain through physical prowess, intimidation, and domination.
  2. Beta” males: the weak, submissive, subordinate guys who are low status, and only get access to mates once women decide to settle down and go searching for a “nice guy.”
While these two classifications may or may not be accurate, they do present an interesting comparison regarding males and it would be my contention here that the BETA male is replacing the ALPHA male in the workplace; however, it is doubtful that there will be any type of replacement in professional sports as the various sports would simply die out from lack of interest if there were... so, BETA males have their place.

According to a 2014 article in Psychology Today:
In almost every society men are the ones who are overwhelmingly involved in wars, in all kinds of intergroup aggressions and intragroup homicide; they mobilize themselves in armies of violent fans, in criminal gangs, in bands of thugs, etc. These observations are as old as the world and have allowed us to create a clear distinction between male and female sexes regarding their predisposition to violence. Wars are a biosocial product of men and a field for male’s manifestation [Goldstein, 2001]. The same thing is true of crime and cruelty, which are closely linked to masculinity.
Canadian evolutionary psychologists Martin Daly and Margo Wilson, who specialize in studying the homicide phenomenon, have analyzed 35 homicide data sets from 14 countries, including some from primitive societies and some from different eras. Among these societies men committed homocide, on average, 26 times more frequently than women [Daly, Wilson, 1994]. Also, familicides (the killing of family members) are committed mostly by men. Some data have shown that men were involved in more than 90 percent of cases [Wilson, Daly, 1997, p. 160].

But here, we should take note that WAR is changing and will continue to change... pilots sitting behind desks in remote locations are flying drones capable of killing single or multiple targets. Robots may soon be replacing the “live” body on the combat battlefield. Technology has enabled fewer and fewer males to be killed when going to war, so that the imagine of the aggressive military male, is about to be forever replaced.

By 2050, where do you think all our MACHO MALES will be? The odds are that there will be very few, if any, macho males in the workplace in 34 years; in fact, there is a good possibility that a majority of this change will have already taken place by 2030 which is only about 14 years away.

Whether it is 14 years away or 34 years away or somewhere in between the two numbers, the fact remains that the FALL OF MALE is imminent and certain.

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