The Pleasing Appeasing of America

by Alex Hutchins

Growing up in America is not as easy as living in America once one is fully grown and fairly cognizant of life around them, at least in the general vicinity of where they are currently living, even though they may not be too aware of life around them outside of where they are living as one is a matter of survival and one is not.

And, those that grow up in urban areas, I am told, have it worse (and, this is more than just a perception) than those who grow up in rural areas, but, if the truth be known, life in America is available in all locations, even though some may seem or feel or be perceived as better than others.

Life lives inside us... we do not live inside life, no matter how bad we want to live there, it just does not work in any kind of reverse way. And, when we die, life no longer lives inside us at least in any kind of conventional way... as best we know these days... although, knowledge is changing and becoming more aware of itself everyday.

America has recently, taken a direction (good or bad) where being politically correct is the “order of the day,” so as no to offend anyone's sensibilities with words... as, using words in that manner, could in fact, lead to violence.

However, with what we have seen and perhaps witness lately, being politically correct has no impact on violence at all and may, in fact encourage it, because we are being dishonest with ourselves and others by talking that way, especially when we do not mean it.

And, therein lies our problem... saying, what we do not mean or feel in such a way that people who hear it think or perceive that we are being honest with them.

And, we all know that honesty is overrated here in America.


And, some are better at it than others in straddling the fence of honesty... and, unfortunately, this is not a behavior just of politicians or of the wealthy and somewhat well-to-do, but it is not commonplace in most of our urban as well in most of our rural areas of this country.

Most people know that it is all bullshit anyway, but tolerate it because it happens so often.

But, the really sad thing that is going on within the minds of my fellow countrymen and women is the fact that most of us believe that one day, we will have equality in all areas of our society, simply because of the pleasing appeasing aspect of our new personalities.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

There will be no:

  • racial equality
  • gender equality
  • income equality
  • age equality
  • knowledge equality

here within the territorial boundaries of the USA and those territories that operate under her protection.

According to the economics of our country, it just cannot happen, even though it is still possible for some to become more equal than others.

  • Equality creates commonplace.
  • Equality creates apathy
  • Equality produces very little greed

Inequality creates the anger to push ahead, striving for that which you will never achieve because of either who you are or where you were born; and, while this may seem to be a little cruel, it is nonetheless true.

For example, recent rhetoric says that our government is going to have a war on:

  • racism
  • drugs
  • pornography
  • terrorism
  • obesity

Well, this rhetoric was articulated in the 1960's and again in the 1970's, some 50 years ago, and one would think that after 50 years, there would have been some progress made, but in reality, very little has been accomplished; in fact, there has actually been very little change taking place in this country during the last 50 years.

This fact, leaves one to conclude that no progress was ever intended to be made... just a pleasing appeasing attitude.

Do you not think, realize, and understand that we have sufficient cooperation, knowledge and determination among the people in this country that if we really wanted to actually win any of those wars that we would have done so already?

And, the mere fact that none of these wars have actually been won yet, means that we never really intended to win any of these wars in the first place... that, all we intended to do from the outset is be pleasing and appeasing.

America was FOOLED into thinking otherwise.

So, how does that make you feel?

Now, these were not lies that our leaders were telling us... not at all... these were things that were real and meaningful, they just never had any intention of accomplishing them once the government funding base came through and they were line items on the accounting books.

In America, everyone always has a HIDDEN AGENDA.

Americans, because of their upbringing, are so easily fooled... because they are easily led to believe whatever it is that their parents and others want them to believe... and, no one challenges anything anymore like they did when I was growing up here in America. Our philosophy was just because an adult said it does not mean it has to be believed nor that it is actually truthful. Now, this may be a sad way to be raised, but it opened my eyes a lot wider than the eyes of today's youth are opened.

The truth of and about America has been and will always continue to be hidden in her lies...

But, don't get me wrong here, America is not the first country in the world to act like this... unfortunately, this is the way that all countries act and will continue to act until our world has been destroyed by us hundreds of years into our future.

  1. Lies keep us safe
  2. Lies keep us safer than truth
  3. Birthrates dictate eventual control
  4. Vices keeps people averted from the truth
  5. The general public can only ever be appeased
  6. Democracy must be highly regulated and tightly controlled
  7. The general public needs to believe that they can acquire the carrot
  8. The masses can never be trusted to be anything more than self-interested
  9. The general public out number the leaders (but the military balances the scales)
  10. Knowledge leads to too much awareness and understanding of right, wrong, and truth

Why are these 10 points never taught or explained in our public school system?

What do we not want the general public to really know about its country and its leaders?

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