IGNORE: It Will Go Away

The Irony of Being an American
by Alex Hutchins

The irony of reproduction

What is it that most of us want?

1.      W I I F M – What’s In It For Me
2.      Making money & buying toys
3.      Taking no responsibility
4.      Blaming someone else
5.      Buying big Cars with available cheap gasoline
6.      Owning firearms and carrying
7.      Paying low taxes
8.      Having healthcare when needed
9.      An abundance of Government Services
10.  Government protection (national & local – including fire and police)
11.  Use of RHIP (includes wealth) – Rank has its privileges
12.  Free to pursue whatever

The irony of thinking you know
what you know . . .
While I do not purport to be a “know-it-all” or a “psychological predictor” of what drives and/or motivates people, I can say from observation that the 12 items listed above are a good indicator, of what people want looking at the average American, and not just from the standpoint of education, wealth, poverty, or place of birth.  In other words, this list addresses for the most part, “blue collar” America; those of us who either fought in Korea or Vietnam as well as more recent altercations and conflicts; or, the backbone of America.

 Now, this next list (below) may not be so easy to accept because it deals with those issues that most of us don’t want to admit actually exists and try to ignore.  It is a list that gets some attention from the middle class of American but only if, for some reason, they are personally involved.  And, if for some reason, we become connected to these issue because of mainstream media reporting, then, it is only briefly before we return to our normal lives as described in the list above. 

The irony of needing to bully . . .

What is it that most of us ignore?

1.      Bullying
2.      Gay & lesbian youth & lifestyle
3.      Drugs
4.      Racism
5.      Sexism
6.      Retired & seniors

The irony of being different . . .

7.      Obesity
8.      Police brutality or profiling
9.      Education
10.  Global concerns
11.  Special interest groups
12.  politicians

Do we want to admit that bullying goes on in our schools?  No.  But, it is because of bullying that my blog partner and I came together as friends in the 50’s.
Do we want to admit that the gay/lesbian population is growing in this country?  No.  But, do we do anything as a group to try and stop them?  No, again.

Millions of dollars are made by drug dealers who sell drugs in America and it has steadily been increasing since 1950, but does that concern us unless one of our family members is involved?  No.
The irony of being an American Christian . . .
Racism/Sexism is still on the increase as well and only after a media blitz do we confront the issue, but a few weeks later, do we start to believe it was only just an anomaly.

Those of us who are under 50 years old or operate a business (large or small) do not want to have anything to do with those of us who are older than 50, typically thinking that is exactly why we have retirement homes and communities.
If you are still reading then you can easily see where this is going and need no explanation of the final 6 because you have already addressed them with comments of your own. 

So, why does this happen here in America? 

Why are we only involved when we have a direct connection?

The irony of watching the Rocky &
Bullwinkle Show
Why is that, I wonder?

Because, if we ignore it (whatever it is), it will go away . . .  just like our temper tantrums did when ignored by our parents, who taught us this invaluable lesson.

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