Start Working the Phones!
By Victor M Adamus


It occurred to me in this campaign lull that a powerful new strategy to help Mitt Romney gain status in creating real jobs and I’m not talking about pizza delivery here folks, I'm talking real jobs.  Romney needs to use his influence to get the Senate to move on the National Transportation Jobs Bill.  And why not?  If he can get Jim DeMint, as dumb as he is, or Mitch McConnell, as much as he hates President Obama, to initiate the bill in the Senate, he could come out looking like a jobs bill creator even before winning the Presidency.


Of course, he would have to make it pass the House but how hard could that be since cow towing to the Tea Party Chief, Donald Trump in Las Vegas a week ago.  If the members of the House Tea Party got a call from Romney pleading out a case for helping him win the Presidency then it may have some impact as long as the mainstream media reported it was Romney who got the bill through both houses.  He would look like a hero to the middle class, workers who comprise the majority of construction laborers who would fix our bridges and highways and improve the infrastructure even before the November elections.  It would also be a great theme for posting ads nationwide giving Romney all the credit for dropping the jobless rate a point or two.  Congressional Budget Office bean counters have said the bill would employ over 2 million workers over two to three years.  This is a hot idea!

I worked my degree in crisis communications for 14 years before jumping into a 30 year career in Real Estate.  But most of my jobs, from Union Organizing elections to electing local officials and even representing PR in Virginia for the re-election of Jimmy Carter gave me certain pro and con experiences which I found useful in my real estate career.  I’m what you call an old hack at coming up with solutions to help people win elections with overwhelming odds against them.  Carter didn’t lose by much but the Iran hostage crisis was a bit much for any sitting president to contend with short of starting World War III.

So I’m giving this strategy to Romney again, for free.  Get on the phones to key politicians in the Senate and send a clean bill to the House.  Make sure the House votes on it with no changes so it passes quickly in time for a start up in construction that would make headlines prior to the Tampa Convention in August.  Leave the convention with poll numbers way ahead of Obama and stick to your strategy of reminding Americans there’s more jobs where these jobs came from.  Romney would be foolish to turn this one down.  He only has to take a day or two rounding up the votes even if it makes the president look good since the jobs bill that failed before was his idea.  On the other hand it will show that Romney has clout with Republican members of Congress.  He can one handedly get the economy moving again and like all loyal Americans do his part to add jobs in the marketplace. 

Any construction type project is like a ripple in the water.  It spreads out slowly and gathers more space.  This theory begs for collateral jobs nationwide.  More materials mean manufacturers would hire more people and even delivery schedules would call for more trained drivers, not to mention high paying jobs for planners and people in zoning.

I keep giving away ideas that would help Romney win the Presidency.  Well let’s see if he takes me up on this one.  And the really simple part of the strategy is that all he has to do is sit on the phone for a day or two and connect with people in his own party.  I’m really wondering if he’s smart enough to see what I see.

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