In The Clouds

On a Star Trek (left) episode back in 1969 entitled The Cloud Minders, a planet named Memory Alpha was depicted in which all the intellectuals and artists lived in Stratos, a utopian, floating city in the clouds while the rest of the inhabitants toiled in mines on the plant below.

In a very similar way, much of what we do today happens in “the cloud;” although, I cannot help but remember a comment we used to say as teenagers,

“…you have your head (implying nose as well) so high up in the air (clouds) that if it rained, you would drown…”

While it is doubtful the above statement will ever happen, we must be mindful of how advances in technology have and will continue to control our lives.

I am a “paper” kinda guy and it was very difficult for me to go “paperless” but now, using “track changes,” I cannot imagine myself ever going back to paper again…  especially to grade papers.

I am also a PC desktop kinda guy as it allows me to feel as though I am still living in a brick and mortar work.  However, I have recently discovered that I no longer need to increase the size of my HDD (Hard Disk Drive) because all I needed was to purchase an external HDD with a USB connection.

And, when I thought it could not get any better, the “flash” drive was invented that can hold 8-10 gigs of data and can easily slip into one’s shirt pocket as most of us are well aware.

Nowadays, it is “trendy” to use either the IPAD or the Android Tablet and we no longer have a need for a desktop PC with an external HDD or flash drive because we store all our data “in the cloud,” like the dwellers of Stratos with the added protection of data encryption.

Recently, I have become a Tablet/Cloud kinda guy and remain forever mindful of not looking up into the clouds too long in case it rains.

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