Carlos Danger and His Secret Sex Bunker

by Laura Heffner

The title of this blog sounds like a title of adult animated series that you would find on FX or Adult Swim.  Or a complete joke but either way Anthony Weiner has made an absolute dick of himself.  And a fool of his wife to whom he seems to blame for his marital problems which prompts him to sex chat with a girl young enough to be his daughter.  

All the late night talk show hosts have jumped on this new development with one writing a cleverly humorous song about Carlos Danger.  That moniker alone just shows America and New York just what a fool this man is.  Though I am not necessarily advocating divorce, I think his wife needs to kick this man to the curb.  He has made a fool of her publicly over and over.  If anyone would have any mind to put him in any office other than janitor, they are obviously living in the fantasy world Weiner was and probably still is. Maybe this time he will be Pierre Peril.   He doesn't seem to appear to think his actions are really all that inappropriate because in his own words, it really depends on what your definition of what inappropriate means.

The general opinion though of Huma is that she stays because she is a power hungry political climber who idolizes Hillary Clinton.  Though I can't speak for her and really have never followed anything she has done, I just wonder if she wanted to climb the political ladder, why hook her ladder to such an obviously dysfunctional   man who can't keep it in his pants and obviously likes to snap shots of his privates.  Why not climb herself and leave him behind?  I think the day and time when a man needs a woman for something such as this has been over for many years.  Maybe she takes Hillary's counsel and doesn't think for herself.  I never could understand why Hillary stayed with Clinton after the Lewinsky debacle.  I suppose it has to do with ratings and polls rather than self-respect.  

Either way, this whole situation is ridiculous.  I hope New York turns their back on this goofball and invites someone with a little bit of sense into the ring. Someone who isn't looking to rent a "secret sex bunker" in Chicago and calls himself Carlos Danger... I wonder if he had a cape embroidered with "CD" for some of his escapades?  Okay, I take that back.  I don't really want to know after all.   

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