Nothing Else Really to Say...

Seeing boy
overcoming stammer
will leave you

There isn't much irony in Musharaf Asghar's nickname being "Mushy." The 16-year-old student at Thornhill Community Academy has battled a difficult stammer "since I can remember," and was the target of some bullying until school officials put a stop to it. But teacher Matthew Burton took inspiration from the film "The King's Speech," and, employing the same music-through-headphones approach to allay the boy's angst, helped Musharaf conquer his fears as he prepared for some critical oral exams. His triumphant moment was captured for the British TV series "Educating Yorkshire," and there wasn't a dry eye among any of Mushy's schoolmates. "I still won't be applying for any call-center jobs yet though," he cracked. [Source

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