Nude Therapy

A Lake Worth, Fla., doctor (right) who treated a depressed patient by disrobing, binding, whipping and beating her is now in hot water for his twisted "punishment therapy."

Dr. David Simon apologized profusely to the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine,which is considering revoking his license, WPFB reports. Simon wasn't arrested or charged with any crime, but he admitted to having an unusual and sexual relationship with a then 38-year-old patient.

The patient told detectives that Simon said "punishment therapy" -- using blindfolds, whips and phallic objects on her for hours on end -- would help remedy her depression. She reportedly said she "didn't like" the therapy, which took place after normal work hours, but consented to the acts with Simon monthly for a year.

She reported the acts to deputies in December 2011.

During the sessions, Simon would regularly choke and tie up the naked woman, the Sun-Sentinel reports. She told detectives that she performed sexual acts on Simon as a "thank you" for the therapy.

The allegations came to light Friday when the board turned down Simon's settlement, which would bar him from practice for two years and slap him with a $10,000 fine. The board said the charges were too serious to settle.

"He's deeply embarrassed," Simon's attorney, David Spencer, told WPBF. "This was a consensual relationship with an adult woman. However, the Board of Health is clear that doctors can't have a sexual relationship with a patient. That's why we worked out the settlement."

WPBF also reported that Simon was flagged for sexual harassment in 2010, when he allegedly rubbed a 24-year-old woman's back and buttocks after a gynecological exam. 

He allegedly said at the time, "I think you need to be punished for being a bad girl. It seems you really need to be punished."

Simon has practiced in the area for 28 years and is married, Health News Florida reports.

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