From Out Of My Respect

From out of her bowels
you have emerged victorious
proud and strong;

From out of the depths of despair
you have brought us your songs of family
your rhythms of life;

From out of your hearts
you have brought your culture
seasoned with the spices of vivid memories;

From our of your minds
you have brought us advances in medicine
advances in education
advances in the spirit of competition;

From out of your music
you have united a youthful exuberance
and given us cause to celebrate;

From off of your backs
you have given us the strength
to hold this nation together against our enemies;

From out of your sacrifices
You have reached out the hand of forgiveness
Offering us a prayer of hope
That we could all simply be called

In celebration and observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday - 17Jan11

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