Have a Nice Day

I would say that most everyone drives ,faster that the posted speed limit signs posted all over our beautiful landscapes. 

When I say most everyone, I mean: males, females, white, black, illegal immigrants as well as legal, old, young, politicians, military, clergy, non clergy, and off duty law enforcement.

Why do they do this?
  • Well because they can for the most part.
  • And, because it puts control back into their hands.
  • And, because they do not agree with the speed limits.
  • And, because they are running late.
  • And, because they like the feel of driving fast.
  • And, because they want to make good time.

However, all of these different types of people instantly try to reduce their speed as soon as they see a highway patrolman or some type of law enforcement person who could be in a position to give them a ticket.

So, we could say that those driving in America, many of which are in fact Americans, do not want to take responsibility for obeying the speed limit but are willing (by default) to give this responsibility to pretty much all law enforcement who patrol the roads.

Up to this point, I have pretty much stated the obvious...

Why do law enforcement personnel want to do this? Because it is the law and they are sworn to do what they need to do to enforce the law... otherwise, we would have driving chaos on our streets and highways.

But, since drivers out number law enforcement personnel, how are they going to maintain this type of law enforcement control?

In fact, statistically, and when you are not driving on an Interstate Highway through a city, the probability of getting a ticket outside of this city area are always in your favor.

However, suppose we could place or past a law enforcement vehicle on every road, every street, and every highway at 1-2 mile intervals, do you think that will reduce speeding?

No, I do not think it would.


Because, if you notice when driving through a city from one traffic light to the next, there always seems to be race between all the cars to see who will get to that next traffic light first, so they can be the first to stop.

So, we will still have speeders, but they will not be able to speed for a very long period of time which could result in more “road rage,” but that is not the point... the point is how to enforce the law.

But, if we posted patrolmen every 1-2 miles there would be an enormous amount of payroll expense increase that no one would be willing to pay.

Yet, the installation of cameras is only a one time “sunk cost” investment. In fact, many cities have those cameras at intersections to capture those who make what is called a “rolling stop.” The violator get the ticket in the mail, along with the “photograph of proof,” and you are instructed to mail in the fine to this office by this date.

This is not only effective but it is efficient.

So, since I am a law abiding citizen for most of the time and since I only seem to get a moving violation every 10 years, I think our Government should invest in these cameras so that we can make sure once and for all that all drivers in America are finally obeying the law as they should.

I mean, seriously people, do you think that we create these laws so that they can be broken? This is not a POLICE STATE nor did our Founding Fathers intend to create one when they put the first laws in place.

This was created by YOU, the driver who maliciously and without any reservations or guilty conscious at all, continue to break the speed limits.

I think the Government should take its country back and make absolutely sure that everyone drives the speed limit.

I, for one, know that I will feel safer. How about you?

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