Hump Day Art

Sandra ENCAOUA (above with one of her works) is a French artist, born in Paris in 1974. She lives and works in Miami.

She has exhibited her works in United States, France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland.

Sandra won the 2013 competition of 'Young Talent' and received the 2013 'Todays's arts talent' award from the Centre de Recherche en Art et Conservation du Patrimoine (France).

Her paintings are listed on Drouot dictionary of artists since 2012. She is fascinated by nature and raw elements and create her paintings in a changing, violent and free world. 

The Series “Earth's Memory” show visions of elements where nature goes back to its fundamental essence and where its greatness crushes. 

The Series "People'' tries to unravel the truth of the Subject. The Series ''Judaica” asks us about History and its meaning.

Her painting is diluted, superimposed, thickened; it mixes and intertwines until it forms the desired pattern. 

Flamboyant reds mix with shining whites, bright turquoise meets the heat of ochres and the evanescence of pinks.

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