Should universities refund students who don't make it?

Here's the weekly roundup of the best education insights and analysis published on LinkedIn.

Refund Request: Should a college have to pay up if a student fails to succeed? A higher education economist explains why a 'yes' to this question doesn’t make much sense.

Brits Bail: British students are leaving the U.K. in droves to go to college in the U.S. LinkedIn Campus Editor Cornelius McGrath chronicles what he calls an "academic Brexit."

Opioids on Campus: Prescription drug abuse is on the rise at universities. The CEO of Clinton Foundation’s health initiative offers ideas on how to curb the epidemic.

'Useless' Degrees: If you’re a liberal arts student (or graduate like me), you’re probably sick of hearing about how irrelevant your major is. But don’t worry, NCTA CEO and Influencer Michael Powell addresses the haters in his commencement speech at Pepperdine University.

A Data Fix: Big data is not only key to securing much-needed private funds for Africa's education system, but it's critical to finding solutions for the continent’s academic crisis, writes this author.

Co-Created Classes: A student at Notre Dame wants universities to rethink their teaching methods by putting students in charge of their learning––at least part of it.

Ed-Tech Mapped: A CB Insights analyst illustrates the ed-tech startup market in this handy infographic.

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