Hump Day Art

The following was taken from an article in The Huffington Post, by Priscilla Frank, entitled:

"For centuries, (male) artists have perpetuated a relatively consistent image of the female nude: She’s soft, willowy, and docile. Sensual but not sexually aggressive. Flirtatious but not confrontational. She’s not quite a human but, mediated through the lens of a camera and the eyes of a man, an object of desire in the flesh.
But how effectively, in recent years,feminist artists have been able to flip the switch, transforming nude subjects from objects of lust into agents of chaos, sex, power and fear. 

A contemporary exhibition titled “In the Raw: The Female Gaze on the Nude“ features 20 women artists framing the naked body with their cameras. In radically different ways, the photographers release the female nude from her one-dimensional expectation to delight, inspire and arouse. These images capture women unprocessed, unbridled and lit aflame."

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