Buffet Rule Dies in Senate
People Rule Died with It
by Victor M Adamus

Last night the Senate filibuster voted down the “Buffet Rule” giving it no chance to become a law that would level the playing field on wealthy income earners making more than a million dollars a year and force them to pay their fair share of taxes.  A whopping 72% of the American electorate polled in favor of the rule, 51 Senators ignored their constituents and voted it down.  Is this the way Democracy works?  No.  It only proves again, and again, that in this U.S. Congress Democracy is dead. 

Two weeks ago a bill supported by 74% of Americans to close oil tax loopholes failed, shocking the public who called and wrote their representatives and again the majority of Americans lost out to big oil interests.  Then there’s the insult of paying more at the pump.  But the Buffet Rule was out there to level the playing field between the rich and the middle class.  The middle class lost last night and so did the U.S. Constitution.  The majority voice was swept under the rug in favor of the 1%, the people who pay billions in Super Pac money to get these fools re-elected.  They are like a puppet on a string to Wall Street investors.  The few now control the Congress.  The majority is out.

The only solution, if there is one, is for the middle class voters to come together in November and vote out anyone who is currently running for re-election.  Hopefully they will be replaced by noble people who are not in the pockets of big business and labor.  Hopefully President Obama will win re-election and have a democratically elected Congress with a mix of independents who ran and won against big wealthy Wall Streeters who are holding back the progress this nation sorely needs.

Getting rid of Republicans who took an oath never to raise taxes on the wealthy, signed a Grover Norquist pledge, a little toad faced man who has no job other than controlling the votes in Congress, would be a giant step for the middle class to end this brown shirt way of running the government.

The Revolution is at hand.  People who Occupy better get the message now.  We need a totally new Congress and one that is not tainted by big business, the wealthy, Wall Street and Labor.  The middle class can’t be saved without new blood representing their interests in the U.S. Congress.


Alex said...

A cold winter is coming and with it will bring the cold winds of change for those politicians who have forgotten how a Democracy works. And, this is not a threat, this is an obligatory promise as stated in our US Constitution, just as important as our 2nd Amendment that no one, but especially Americans should not have to live and work and pay taxes under Tyranny.

The sun doesn't shine on the same dog's ass every day and certainly it will soon stop shinning on the asses of our dogs in Congress.

O’Hollern said...

From your mouth to God's ear, brother. Although I think we should keep Bernie Sanders around.